Ricky Gervais Just Made The Most Offensive ‘Dead Baby’ Joke In Front Of Bereaved Parents



Ricky Gervais has come under fire for making a dead baby joke at one of his gigs.

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Bereaved parents Suzi and Ryan Gourley, who were at the show, said it had been their first night out together since their son, Eli, died last year.

Suzi and Ryan Gourley

The pair said they were so disgusted that they ended up walking out:

I know people take things differently and I know our emotions are raw, but why joke about a baby being dead? It’s just wrong.

Some people might read this and think we’re over-sensitive and maybe we are – but it’s just not funny.

We went and hoped to have a bit of a laugh. It was our first night out together – I’d heard of this comedian but I’d never seen him.

I didn’t know what his jokes were like but I wouldn’t have expected that in a million years from anybody.

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Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Waterfront Hall (where Ricky was performing) said:

Unfortunately we have no control at all over the material artists choose to use on stage, but we do of course appreciate this particular theme will have caused distress.

Although the full joke isn’t available, you get the gist of it from the tweets of people who did enjoy the joke below:


Bloody Ricky Gervais, causing a stir again. Still, he’s not getting rinsed as hard as that time he pissed of Caitlyn Jenner.



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