Revive Your Nineties Game Boy Skills

Gameboy colour

Relive your childhood with the Nintendo Game Boy Colour.

Remember the Game Boy Color? Of course you do, it was probably one of the most loved game consoles ever created. Combined with its classic counterpart over 100 million units have been sold since it was unleashed on the public in 1998. Today you can still buy the actual things on Ebay, but if you want your Nineties gaming fix right now then we’ve found a kickass emulator that has pretty much every game ever released. It even has that tinny, monotone sound that leaves you reminiscent of your Nokia 3210 ringtone.

Today’s handheld consoles are pretty awesome, with the touch screens and the wireless connections. But somehow it doesn’t quite match the mounting excitement that came with actually physically connecting your Game Boy to your mate’s to do battle — something that this generation of gamers will never experience. And seeing your Pokemon fight it out in full colour high-resolution is very exciting, but the pixelated creatures with mono sound effects will always have a place in every Game Boy owner’s heart.

If you missed the link earlier in the article, check out the Game Boy emulator HERE and maybe play some Q-bert.


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