This Restaurant Encouraged Customers To Destroy A Donald Trump Piñata

Donald Trump Pinata

My kind of place.

Donald Trump and his ignorant hate speech has been an ever present in the news in the last week or so, and many people including this website have been outraged by it.

A food truck in Portland called El Diablito sought to capitalise on this negative press by introducing a Trump piñata as the piece de resistance of their grand reopening and encouraging its customers to beat the absolute crap out of it.

And we can see it getting destroyed by children and Latinos in the video below, along with lines like:

For everyone who wished to break something, we wanna break away the hate, we wanna break away the…anti-Muslim, anti-people, anti-children, anti-immigrant feelings, all the racism, the stereotyping, all the anti-women…all the hate that he has in his heart, we’re breaking tonight!

That was screamed by a woman wearing a headdress. There was also the more eloquent ‘because fuck Donald Trump’. Wild.

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Surprisingly, this event hasn’t been met with universal approval with some people leaving comments like  the following on their Yelp page:

Racist owners!!!! They hung a pinata of a white man from the ceiling and had CHILDREN try to knock it down!!!! This is a hate crime and their children should be taken away from them.

Riiight. The owner of the food cart is taking a tactful approach and trying to play it down, offering only the following ‘apology’:

It has nothing to do about politics, actually.

It’s about having a good time and me showing off my sick piñata making skills.

Fair enough I suppose, I mean I think most of the world can get behind it even if it is about beating up a papier ache version of Donald Trump. I mean the guy is a douchebag right, and if you really need any more convincing then just check out the video below.

Right on. If I’m ever in Portland I’ll definitely be looking up El Diablito. Hopefully the piñata will still be there.


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