A Restaurant Has Created A Sandwich That Uses Pickles Instead Of Bread

Not sure about this.

It seems like a lot of restaurants out there are trying to crack the ‘how do we make a sandwich without bread?’ problem (possibly a problem that doesn’t exist, sure) and the latest offering comes from Elsie’s in New Jersey who are ditching the bread for pickles.

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Now, I know pickles are a fairly divisive amongst people due to their strong ass flavour and weird texture, but let’s just hear Elsie’s out for a minute and see what they’ve come up with. Co-owner Katherine Cohen explained the mentality behind offering these special ‘sandwiches’:

So essentially, we’re a sandwich shop without the bread.

We have a family pickle recipe that we resurrected.

The health benefits of cutting back or carbs include less bloating and weight loss, whilst eating fermented food can help reduce inflammation.

There are a lot of health benefits from swapping your bread for pickles!

Yeah whilst I don’t doubt that I’m not sure if I can get behind it because I imagine the whole flavour of the sandwich will be dominated by the fact that it’s served between two pickles, even if they are looking pretty damn good on the photos on this page. I guess I could give it a shot if I’m even in New Jersey?

Also, if you don’t particularly fancy a pickle sandwich, they also offer pickles rolls which are a bit like sushi rolls with filings tucked inside the pickle, or cucumber sandwiches which are less vinegary than the pickles, obviously. Still not sure if they’re selling it to me but at least they’ve got a few options there. People are raving about them too, so maybe it’s time to check them out?

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