The best video game series ever looks like it’s about to get even better.

Resident Evil 4 was the last computer game I really bothered to play properly. Except for FIFA/Pro Evo obviously. And that time when I bought Duke Nukem Forever and tried to play it but my computer was too crappy to run it. It’s weird because earlier today I was thinking about how I had never finished Resident Evil 4 and how I really should some day  -if my crappy Gamecube that is somewhere at my paren’ts house still works properly that is – and then what happens the same day? The Resident Evil 6 trailer gets released. What a crazy coincidence huh? Anyway, Resident Evil 6 looks like it MIGHT tempt me to get back into gaming. It’s got a better shot than Max Payne 3 anyway, judging by the trailer.

The thing is, the Resident Evil 6 trailer just makes it look completely awesome. I don’t know what happened in Resident Evil 5 (or even what happened at the end of Resident Evil 4….did Leon S. Kennedy manage to save the President’s daughter and get away from that Salazar weirdo or what?) but it looks like the whole world is in disarray and the President has been turned into a zombie and Leon S. Kennedy is in Racoon City, while Chris Redfield is in China for some reason being a mercenary or whatever. It doesn’t really matter, although apparently Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy are BOTH playable characters in the game, which means maybe there are two separate interlocking stories or something? WOW!!

It looks cool and scary, that’s the main thing and a lot of fun in that Resident Evil holy shit I’m down to about five bullets and stuck behind a flaming car with about 100 zombies coming at me so what the hell am I gonna do kinda way.  I was like WOAH at least once because I jumped during the trailer, which can only be a good thing right?

Just watch it and buy me an X Box come November so I can play it. Safe.

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