Resident Evil 4 In Real Life

Some geeks decided to act out Resident Evil 4 in real life. Not how you would expect.

9Everyone remembers Resident Evil 4 right? It was the game that made people want to actually buy a GameCube, that was until the apparent ‘GameCube exclusive’ turned up on the Playstation 2 a few months later. It was swell for me though because I was one of the few that actually owned a GameCube. Cool, right?

Anyway, unfortunately (fortunately?) zombies haven’t taken over Racoon City or wherever Resident Evil 4 was set – wasn’t it in some Eastern European country or something? – but rather some cool dudes (re:geeks) decided to dress up as the stupid merchant from the game who you would buy and sell weapons to and who would say stupid things like ‘what are ya buying?’ (duh WEAPONS there are a bunch of fvcking zombies behind me), ‘I’ll buy it at a high price’ (why? you’re the only person here try and undercut me) and ‘hello stranger’ (for fvck’s sake dude I must have bought weapons off you a hundred times so far, could you try and remember my fvcking name?) to you as you did this.

Check out the results below:

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