People Aren’t Happy This Reporter Ate Human Brains On Live TV

CNN reporter eats brains

Cannibal holocaust.

When your job is important to you, you make the effort to go that extra mile.

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However, many people think that CNN reporter Reza Aslan should have not crossed the line when coming face-to-face with a cannibalistic sect. When he was offered up a meal consisting of human brains, he went ahead and gobbled it down like a greedy (albeit apprehensive) little cannibal:

Wow that does not look fun, does it? I love how Reza’s asking his camera crew if he can just bolt it when the leader talks about cutting his head off. Don’t blame you mate.

So why did he eat brains in the first place? Well, it was all part of an investigation of a small Hindu sect who practice cannibalism. It’s a pretty bold move in the first place, but he took it one step further by actually eating human brain.

Tulsi Gabbard, a Hindu congresswoman from Hawaii, had to say:

Ooft. Reza’s been getting Tweets left, right and centre about his meaty mishap. They might be scathing, but one thing’s for sure – I bet his ratings are through the roof. No publicity is bad publicity and all that.

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