Guy Gets Hit By Remote Control Car Travelling At 100 MPH; Sends Him To The Hospital

Guy Taken Out By Remote Controlled Car At 100 MPH

Is playing with a remote controlled car still cool when you’re 25?

Is it still cool to spend your time driving remote controlled cars when you’re 25? Probably not, even if you can make the remote controlled car travel at 100mph, but that doesn’t stop this guy and his buddy heading out into the street to do it.

Unfortunately, even though he’s 25 and should probably know better this guy seems like a complete idiot as he decides to ram the remote controlled car into his legs at a 100mph. You might not think that actually would hurt that much but man, the car fucking serves the guy and takes him the fuck out, knocking his shoe off in the process.You’re done son. Go to the hospital and receive about 10 staples to patch your leg up. Ouch.

When watching this video you’ve also got to watch out how bad the editing, camera angles and music is (and don’t get me started on all the slow motion they’re using), as it’s clearly desperately trying really hard to make remote controlled cars look really cool, but ultimately failing really really hard. Maybe next year boys.


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