The Release Date Of The New Series Of Prison Break Has Been Announced

Prison Break

Michael Schofield is breaking out of prison yet again.

The first series of Prison Break back in the mid 00s really was a cultural phenomenon at the time, as the whole world watched things get worse and worse for Michael Schofield as he attempted to break his brother and their ragtag crew out of Fox River prison. It seemed like literally everyone watched that show and it had so many twists and turns that is still remembered pretty fondly.

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Of course, after that the whole thing got a bit stupid as all of them somehow got thrown into another South American prison and had to break out and then do some dumb mission for the FBI that the show kind of tailed off into cancellation. Nevertheless, people are still excited about this revival of the show with the original cast and have been ever since the trailer first debuted last year some time. Now though, people are really going to start losing their shit as the official release date has been announced:

The first episode of the new Prison Break is going to be shown on FOX on April 4th this year. Unfortunately there’s no news yet on who is going to broadcast it over here yet, but considering most people probably watch everything on the internet these days then I’m sure nobody’s really going to be that bothered about that. Sucre, T Bag, a religious version of C Note (??) and Dr Sarah Tancredi are all returning too, so maybe it’ll be fun for a little bit if you can suspend your belief that somehow all these people have been thrown in prison yet again. Give it a shot – it’s very topical with the ISIL references if nothing else.

For more returning series this year, check out the Twin Peaks revival that’s happening this year. Not long after Prison Break.


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