London’s Regent Street Was Evacuated Today After A Suspicious Vehicle Was Left Abandoned By Hamley’s

Suspiscious Vehicle Regent Street

The back window seems to have been shot up with bullet holes.

Doing last minute Christmas shopping is annoying at the best of times, but imagine if the one day you had to do it there was a huge bomb scare and you literally couldn’t get anything done? You need to be thankful you weren’t in London’s Regent Street today then.

A black cab with ‘shot out’ windows was left abandoned in the middle of the street outside Hamley’s and this led to the whole area being evacuated. As you can imagine, that meant literally thousands of idiots who had left their Christmas shopping to the last minute were left standing around in the cold, unable to achieve anything that they had set out to do today.

Fortunately – despite there being what looked like bullet holes in the back window of the taxi – nothing dangerous was discovered regarding it after a thorough investigation by police and bomb disposal experts:

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Bomb Scare Regent Street

There was nothing suspicious about it and the roads were all opened at 2pm.

There’s nothing going on — the roads are all open, the cordon’s open.

Phew, but I suppose in light of recent events it pays to be better safe than sorry. Although saying it wasn’t suspicious is a bit off surely? I mean a) they’ve closed off the busiest street in London on one of the busiest days of the year to have a look at it and b) there’s clearly something up with it because it’s got bullet holes through the back window. Still, it’s great that it wasn’t a bomb, as if that even needs to be said.

Here’s hoping everyone affected by this incident manages to get their Christmas shopping done in time for the big day – only two more days to go really. If anything, they’ve at least got a better chance than this kid who worked in a shop for ten weeks to afford Christmas presents for his family, only to be told it was an unpaid internship. Brutal.


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