One of the highlights of Valencia’s match at the weekend was the referee performing a desperate slide tackle on attacker Sergio Canales.

This is pretty jokes. Referee Eduardo Gonzalez ensured his place in the history of football bloopers during Valencia’s match against Granada at the weekend with a stunning slide tackle on Valencia attacking midfielder Sergio Canales.

The ball is cut back to Sergio Canales on the edge of the area and he’s looking to move forward and take a shot or play a killer pass or something. There aren’t that many Granada players around him and he’s in a bit of space so it’s looking good for Valencia and Sergio Canales in this position.

Sergio Canales didn’t think that he would have to watch out for referee Eduardo Gonzalez though, who slides in with a stunning slide tackle that is times to perfection, taking both the ball and Sergio Canales out and starting the subsequent Granada counter attack. There isn’t really much else to to say about it, you really just have to watch it.


You have to ask the question though, just why is Eduardo Gonzalez slide tackling Sergio Canales in this position? Gonzalez seems to apologise to Sergio Canales after the slide tackle, but I think that was just because he followed through rather than for any other reason. Let’s hope that we don’t start seeing referees pulling out slide tackles in future football matches – although judging by Eduardo Gonzalez’s execution of the slide tackle he could perhaps teach a few of today’s players a thing or two about performing the slide tackle properly. Maybe that was his intention when he tackled Sergio Canales?

Anyway, despite the best attempts of Eduardo Gonzalez to stop the attacking threat of Sergio Canales, it was Sergio Canales who had the last laugh as his thirty yard piledriver (from a similar position to where Eduardo Gonzalez slide tackled him) secured the win for Valencia, who beat Granada 1-0 and closed in on the top of the league.

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