VIDEO: Ref Gets Knocked The Fvck Out


Fvck being a referee, let alone when you get knocked the fvck out by one of the players.


It’s really gotta suck being a referee. You’re treated like a Jew during WWII in nazi Germany. Scape goat for everything and everyone, players, managers, fans, pundits, they all fvcking hate your guts. So these guys have a bad time, and it’s no different over in the National Rugby League of Australia. Yeah it’s probably not as bad being a referee for some Australian rugby team, I mean, can’t you drink beer in the stands at a rugby match? And don’t opposite fans sit together? Fvck me, these fans must not be complete twats like the majority of pricks you get filling up a football stand over here.

Anyway, imagine how shit it must be having to be the referee and getting grief all the time, but then imagine getting physically KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT by one of the players because you got your sorry ass in the way of his knee. Now that’d suck. But for us, no. For us this is what we prowl the internet for. Prowling with the hope of finding a video that makes us laugh at another’s mis-fortune. Well here it is. Tony De Las Heras getting knocked the FUCK out by Tony Carroll’s knee. Enjoy, you sick fucks.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S40Cs5BwDLI’]


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