Redneck Bonfire

redneck bonfire

If you think you know how a video entitled Redneck Bonfire is going to turn out, then you’ve probably got a good idea how this video turns out. That doesn’t mean that watching it is any less fun though.

redneck bonfire

This video is probably kinda old but I only came across it today and it blew me away – just like the rednecks in the video – so I thought it was probably worth sharing on Sick Chirpse. It’s basically some idiot hicks who have nothing better to do in whatever shitty Southern state they live in – probably somewhere like Alabama or Arkansas – so they decide to build a massive bonfire and pour petrol all over it and film themselves doing it. And then of course they set it off. Now, I’m sure you’re all thinking something like ‘yeah, it’s so obvious what’s going to happen in this video’ and yeah, while I must admit that a video entitled ‘Redneck Bonfire’ can pretty much only end one way, this one is executed pretty much to perfection. There’s a long buildup as you see this hick with really long hair and really long beard trampling around all ove the bonfire pouring gasoline fvcking everywhere and it’s kinda boring at this point, but when you get to the payoff it’s totally worth it. There isn’t really much else to say about this video other than it’s killer and pretty funny, so check it out below and enjoy:

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