Reddit Users Are Trolling New Dating App ‘Double’ With Absolutely Ridiculous Lookalikes

Double Lookalikes Featured

Double is basically a new app for double dating, so people were obviously going to get stupid with some of the doubles they could upload.

In case you haven’t heard, Double is a new dating app that works pretty much in the same way as Tinder except that instead of matching one person you match yourself and a friend to another pair. Then presumably you go on a double date where you end up liking the one you thought you wouldn’t, because that’s how these things always seem to go.

As is the case with many a dating app though – who can forget that dude dressing up as women who had hopeless Tinder profile pictures and totally murking them – Double is already being trolled by the great people of Reddit, who thought it would be a good idea to upload some of the most ridiculous lookalikes ever to the dating app and see how they would do.

There’s actually no information at this point on how each of the doubles has performed in terms of matches, but you can bet that if I were a pair of attractive minxs looking for love in the city then I would be swiping right when I came up with a double act of Justin Timberlake and some noodles, or George Bush and a monkey. Hell, even Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul makes an appearance – teamed up with Bagheera from the Jungle Book, naturally.

Check out the other hilarious Doubles that have been submitted below:

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Double 1

Double 2

Double 3

Double 4

Double 5

Double 6

Double 7

Double 8

Double 9

Double 10


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