The Ultimate Guide To Masturbation Via Reddit


How does your technique compare?

Wanking, fapping, teasing the taco, painting the pickle, whatever you choose to call it, we all do it. Most don’t like to admit it, even though it’s definitely an activity we all partake in at least now and again, or for some every couple of days… or as part of a twice-daily routine am-I-right? Before work, at work, after work, before bed, in bed, during the night, on awakening, rinse, repeat, yaddy yaddy yaddy, wank wank wank. Now however, the fine people of Reddit are revealing their best ever solo yanking and cranking experiences. Maybe it’ll spark your creative flow.

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You might be sceptical as to how a simple leg lift can harbour such profound results:

Reddit Wanker

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