Awesome New Red Stripe Viral Advert

red stripe off licence viral advert

Viral adverts are normally such bullshit but this was actually really cool and kinda fun.

red stripe off licence viral advert

Sick Chirpse reader James O’ Keefe pointed us in the direction of this new viral advery from Red Stripe and we’re pretty glad he did because it’s actually good for once. Don’t you hate it when videos are described as viral when they’ve just hit the internet? It’s like nah dude, it isn’t viral yet it just hit the internet, you just WANT it to go viral but it won’t because you made a shitty video that completely sucks and nobody wants to watch. Most of the time I don’t even watch the virals man, fvck em. I’m glad I checked this one out though because it is actually pretty class and funny.

I think I live pretty near the off licence in East London too (anyone recognise it? Let us know in the comments, I really want to know if I’m write about this one) which only makes me wish I was I was picking up a road beer from it at the weekend instead of watching the Birmingham V Derby match and then getting so drunk I told a bunch of different girls who are pretty much best friends that I was in love with each of them. Real smooth moves pal. So yeah, it would have been way better if I’d just popped in to that off licence, pick up a Red Stripe, really loved what happened and then went and watched Match Of The Day or hit up the strip club or something. I don’t want to spoil the video for you because it’s got a little surprise in it so just check it out below, guaranteed to cheer you up whatever day I’ve decided to post this on:

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