Cranberry Bog

Red Bull Winch Sessions is a series of videos combining skaters, wake-boarders, paragliders (and other extreme kind of sport athletes) with a high powered winch. The results are pretty awesome.

Cranberry Bog

Red Bull have released a series of short videos on their website and Youtube channel that combine a high powered custom Red Bull winch and a handful of athletes.

The idea is that while the various athletes (skateboarders/wake-boarders/paragliders – standard Red Bull kinda stuff) hold on to the winch they can be pulled to a decent speed pretty quickly.

There are 11 videos in total (that we’ve found) in the Red Bull Winch Session series, here are our two favourites:

Red Bull Winch Session #3 – Wakeboarding a Cranberry Bog

Josh Tranby and the crew travel to Tomah, Wisconsin for a visually stunning wakeboarding session in a cranberry bog.

Song name is “909s and Half Minds” by Jack D. Elliot

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Red Bull Winch Session #10 – Skateboarding with a Winch

Red Bull Winch Sessions heads to Atlanta to see how the winch works at some local skate spots including a sick bank and cool bump to wallride spot.

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Check out the rest of the series over at Red Bull’s Youtube channel.



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