The most extreme rally race on the planet is back for another year.

It’s a while until F1 season begins and as that seems to be the most popular sport ever now (for reasons I still can’t understand but which Slatz was banging on about well before it got super popular)  I’m guessing some of you are probably suffering withdrawal symptoms? Well, what better way to wait until the F1 season begins then by enjoying highlights of the Dakar Rally 2012 which came to a close a couple of days ago?

Sure, it’s not exactly the same as F1 but it’s probably more exciting, as the rally drivers have to drive from Argentina across the Andes to Peru and Chile. That means they’ll not only be driving through big ass mountain ranges but also right through the middle of a desert! Sure, I guess it’s not exactly as exciting as watching Lewis Hamilton (or even Glynn Geddie) go around the same track 100 times (joking) but at least it’s way more extreme and exciting.

Red Bull have really outdone themselves with their coverage of the event though as the website they have created is absolutely insane and was updated constantly, which kind of makes me upset I didn’t discover it sooner so I could have followed it as it was happening. There is a pretty sweet summary video though that shows you the best of the rally and includes loads of awesome crashes and crazy driving manoeuvres There’s also a bunch of really funny daily blogs from all the riders involved that even now give you a sense of the excitement and tension involved in the rally and a bunch of awesome pictures like the one above.

I would highly recommend heading over to the site and checking out some of the videos and blogs HERE especially if you’ve got that itch for F1 season to begin. The Dakar Rally seems way better to me though!

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