Dr Shola Mos-ShogBamimu Receives Letter From National Action London Threatening To Execute Her

Jesus Christ.

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t really know much about Dr Shola Mos-ShogBamimu (she’s a British-Nigerian political commentator and author, who frequently talks about women’s rights, law, politics, diversity, inequality and exclusion) but I do know for sure that nobody out there should be receiving letters like the one that was just posted through her door.

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Mos-ShogBimmu shared the following piece of paper on her Twitter account last night from someone/a group calling itself ‘National Action London’ that states that they’re following her around and will shortly execute her for her beliefs and speaking out about them. Take a read of it below:

Jesus Christ. If some old man (sorry to stereotype but it is generally old white men here) or other such imbecile tells you that racism doesn’t exist in this country and that it’s just a social/political construct then you just need to show them that and they’ll hopefully be able to see that it clearly isn’t.

It’s so depressing that stuff like that seems to happen on the reg in Britain these days and it’s not even that surprising to hear about. It only seems to be going more and more downhill as well.

Hoping that we don’t hear that some nutjob has ended up shooting Dr. Mos-Shogbamimu in the coming days because the police failed to listen to her and look into the case/offer her suitable protection. Awful that it’s even a possibility though really isn’t it?

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