Reality TV Hits A New Low With Show About Conjoined Twins (VIDEO)

Brittany and Abby Hensel

Reality TV is pretty gross in general but a reality TV show about conjoined twins is gross in more ways than one.

Brittany and Abby Hensel

I don’t really know how I feel about conjoined twins. I mean on the one hand they’re kinda gross  and weird  – in the nicest possible way of course, but I mean come on two people stuck together is kind of weird and gross right? – but on the other hand whenever I’ve seen any documentaries or anything about them they seem really happy and positive people and kinda cool despite their situation.

Stuck On You was a surprisingly good movie too. I remember I went to see it with this girl I liked on a date when I was like 17 and I really didn’t want to go see it because I thought it looked crap but she really wanted to see it so I relented. It was a great decision – the movie ruled and was actually really funny (who knew Matt Damon could do comedy?) and I got a blow job.

But anyway, yeah this article isn’t about my teenage sex life it’s about the fact that some American channel called TLC  has just announced that they’re going to be running a reality TV show about conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel as they go through their everyday lives (life?). Apparently you’ll get to see them graduate from university, try and get jobs and travel around Europe backpacking with their friends. Sounds like it’s going to have plotlines that are at least on the same kind of level as other reality TV shows.

The press blurb says that the show will show the utterly normal lives of the girls  (who, like almost every other conjoined twin I’ve seen anything about seem remarkably happy) as they dance aroudn their kitchen, hang out with friends and go cycling and stuff and on the one hand this is kinda cool because I guess it’s kind of creating awareness that conjoined twins are normal people too and should be accepted within society or whatever, but on the other hand I guess it’s kind of tragic that a show even needs to be created to make this point.  There are a lot of assholes out their like Mad Dog Deon though so maybe this isn’t that surprising.

Realistically though hardly anyone is going to tune in to this show beause they want to see conjoined twins enjoying their lives. I mean they might lie about it and pretend that they do but come on really, does anyone buy that? Everyone’s gonna tune in because you get to see some weird looking people doing normal things and it’s kinda like a car crash in that you know you shouldn’t stare but you can’t help yourself. I guess it’s kind of funny when the subject of reality shows are idiots like Hulk Hogan or the cast of Summer Daze but when the attraction is due to physical abnormality it’s maybe not so much of a laughing matter. Still, the show is probably going to guarantee ratings and I doubt Abby and Brittany give a fvck as they seem super happy and they’re probably going to be celebrities and super rich too soon. You can check out a clip of the show below. Oh yeah, it’s called Joined For Life. Get it?


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