The Real Way To Become A Pornstar

Get involved.

If you try and type in to any search engine “how to become a pornstar”, you will always come across all these blog posts that are written by people who aren’t even involved in the porn industry themselves but yet they talk like they are experts within the field of smut.

They usually state things like you have to nail (or get nailed) by a partner on camera and submit the tape over to a big porn company for them to determine rather your good enough of a performer or not. Or you must have sex with some old creepy looking dude as an audition to land your self a role in a blue movie. Or you will even hear people saying crazy things like if you’re a guy, you got to be able to get hard and wank off for a half an hour straight in front of 20 men staring at you in a room with out being able to climax but expected to do so after the 30 minuets is up. And if that’s not bad enough it’s even said you would be asked to do it all over again right when you’re done!

Now if that doesn’t sound insane, we don’t know what does any more. However we have good news for those of you out there who are trying to break in to the multi billion dollar world of pornography because luckily for you horn balls reading this who are wondering how can i get paid to get laid? You will now know that regardless of all the nonsense you may have heard of up until now is nothing but plain bull crap!

So how do i actually get in to the adult industry and become a porn star you are probably asking by now? Well, it’s very simple and straight forward. You need a proper manager or agent that has established the relationships within the business and is in contact with all the top players in the porn industry on a regular basis. Since there is not a way to reach out to producers and directors yourself, you need a middleman who already has those connects.

As for an agency and how to find one? PornApplication is a very good one that we strongly suggest. You can visit them here and learn more about how to become a pornstar.

As you might understand by now, getting in to the jizz biz is not that complicated. Just apply to a reliable management company and you should be in good hands!


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