Real O.G. Tells It Like It Is In Court


When in court you have two options: 1. Play by the rules and kiss the judge’s ass (boring) or 2. Act like a complete G and hand out abuse to everyone in the room (entertaining). This guy went for the 2nd option.


If you’re up in court facing the judge what would be the most appropriate way to act? By being polite and courteous while answering all the judge’s questions in a professional manner, or by swearing at the judge, calling her a bitch, offering out the deputy sheriff in the court room and generally being an absolute gangster? Well the first one may get you some brownie points from the judge but the second one will get you onto the front page of Sick Chirpse.

Here’s a video of some dude who reminds me of Samuel L. Jackson with the way he delivers his words (with extra profanities thrown in for good measure), standing up in a court room over in the States and telling the judge and the deputy exactly how it is. He’s being accused of spitting on someone, probably a prison guard, to which he strenuously denies. He then starts to fire abuse at the judge claiming that the deputy sheriff broke is buddy’s jaw which resulted in his buddy being sent to hospital and tied up to a life support machine. Surely no fair game there. Either way, it’s an entertaining few minutes of beef. Check it:

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