Guy Makes Real Life Version Of TARDIS That Is Actually Bigger On The Inside

Real Life TARDIS

I used to love Dr Who but I never thought that anything that happened in that show could ever happen in real life, especially a real life TARDIS. But one dude has actually managed to create one.

Real Life TARDIS

I used to really love Dr Who when I was a little kid because I thought the theme music was awesome and it was just an insane concept (you realise just how crazy it is in this video when the dude tries to explain it to people  I think when I was really little it used to be on Friday nights on BBC 1 but then later on my parents got Sky and it was on UK Gold like every day in the morning when I would wake up and I would watch it before I went to school. That was a cool time in my life, although I watched some of those old episodes recently and boy did they completely suck. I guess they were pretty awesome when I was a little kid an didn’t know any better though.

I didn’t get so into the revamp although it was a lot better than I thought it would be, I just always seemed to be doing stuff in the early evening on Saturdays and I never really felt like I could sit through a box set. It’s really cool that they brought it back though and it’s so popular though, you’ve got to think that he’s going to have used up all his regenerations soon though. And I guess that whole ‘Trial Of A Timelord’ season is blurred out because that had something to do with one of his later regenerations trying to prosecute him and steal his younger regenerations so he wouldn’t die. Although having just typed that sentence it sounds like it was a real dumb plotline anyway because when you think about it that doesn’t even make any sense in the space time continuum.

Anyway, everyone knows that Dr. Who travels around in the TARDIS and it’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, which is a completely bizarre idea for anyone to ever have ever, especially back in the 60’s although now that I’m older and know a bit more about the world it’s probably fair to say that everything that happened back then was inspired by acid. I don’t think anyone ever thought that we would be able to see a real TARDIS in real life though. OK, so the one that this dude Greg Kumparak didn’t make a real life TARDIS – I mean it can’t travel through time and space and it’s only a miniature version, but he did manage to make it bigger on the outside than it is on the inside. How did he manage to do that? Check out the video to find out. It’s also really cool that he just decided to do this because he had a couple of hours to kill on Thanksgiving. If it was me I would probably just hit the couch, hit the beers and watch the NFL or something. Check out the video below:

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