A Real Life Pollos Hermanos Restaurant Is Opening

Pollos Hermanos 2

It’s to coincide with the new season of Better Call Saul.

Breaking Bad may have finished several years ago now, but its legacy lives on both through its spinoff show Better Call Saul and now a real life Pollos Hermanos restaurant that is set to open up in Austin, Texas shortly.

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The pop up restaurant is set to coincide with the SXSW festival and the premier of Better Call Saul season 3, where Gus Fring is reportedly going to make his return. As we all know (spoiler if you STILL haven’t watched Breaking Bad), Fring is the owner of the Pollos Hermanos chain of restaurants so this makes perfect sense as a promotional tool. You know people are going to flock far and wide to pick up one of those t-shirts and sample their delicious chicken.

Pollos Hermanos

The restaurant is coming to a parking lot near 122 West 5th Street, and is said to have space for over 500 people. Saul Goodman himself Bob Odenkirk is also going to be a keynote speaker at SWSW, so there should be a lot there for Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul fans to enjoy. Hell, even if that TV show is your main priority for some reason, I’m sure aside from these two events you’ll be able to find a shit tonne of fun stuff to do during SXSW, it’s an amazingly enjoyable time from the looks of things.

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For more Pollos Hermanos, check out the promo for Better Call Saul season 3 if you haven’t already. Yes, that really is Gus Fring.


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