This Video Of A Real Life Exorcism Will Haunt Your Dreams For Weeks


The power of Christ compels you to STFU.

If you haven’t heard of Bob Larson, then you’re in for a treat. He’s one of those bogus TV evangelists who performs phony exorcisms on dumb, bored Americans – he’ll even exorcise you over Skype if you’re really desperate. Larson’s work is absolute comedy gold and this video is no different.

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The only demon that exists in this room is the overwhelming fog of bullshit. The woman seems to be putting on such a ridiculous act that she struggles to hold back the laughter. Meanwhile, her husband looks like he’s contemplating suicide, the poor guy:

Whoever edited this video is a genius. We don’t even need to bother making comedy shows anymore, we can just let this group of numbnuts do it for us. Nice one internet.

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