AUDIO: ‘The Exorcist’ Director Witnessed And Recorded A Real Life Exorcism

Real Exorcism

Don’t listen if you want to sleep tonight.

There have been rumours flying around for years now that ‘The Exorcist’ director William Friedkin was invited to the Vatican to witness a real life exorcism.

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Turns out, this is completely true and not only was he invited by catholic priest Father Gabriele Amorth to stand in on the exorcism of a young woman, but he was also allowed to record it. Despite directing the world’s most famous movie on the matter, this is something Friedkin had not experienced until recently.

Father Amorth was joined by Friedkin and four other priests as they performed the exorcism on a woman in her late 30s known only as Rosa on 1st May 2016. Friedkin wrote about the experience in a recent article titled, ‘The Devil and Father Amorth: Witnessing the ‘Vatican Exorcist’ at Work’. He notes:

As with traditional psychiatry, the patient is usually not ‘cured’ after the first session.

Father Amorth had been exorcising one man for 16 years.

Father Amorth believed that the root of Rosa’s possession was due to a curse put on her by her brother’s girlfriend, as they were both members of a powerful demonic cult. Creepy shit. So now you know the backstory, here’s the recording:

Many people speculate the exorcisms are simply the extreme end of therapy sessions and that the “demon” represents some sort of psychological issue that the person is experiencing. However, if that’s the case, then how would you explain situations such as this, where Rosa has no past history of mental health issues and was simply cursed upon by her brother’s girlfriend? And also, how the fuck do you explain those growling sounds?

After the procedure, Friedkin asked Rosa if she felt better, to which she replied:

Each time, it feels like I’m becoming free.

I can feel the Devil suffering inside me.

Perhaps this hints at Friedkin’s next movie project – an update version of ‘The Exorcist’. We can but hope. For more real life possessions, click HERE.


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