Real Housewife Of Atlanta Offers Blowjob From Daughter In Order To Meet John Legend


Despite being ridiculously loaded, Real Housewife of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak-Biermann has a bargaining chip that’s apparently even more effective than money; free blowjobs from her 20-year-old daughter.

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After hearing that John Legend was coming to Atlanta, she fired off this Tweet to Chrissy Teigen offering oral sex from her daughter in exchange for meeting Legend at one of his shows:

Teigen replied and mercifully explained that wouldn’t be necessary:

Naturally, the Twitter police came out in full force:

Here’s 20-year-old Brielle, in case you’re wondering what she looks like. Journalism, baby:

So obviously Kim was joking in that Tweet and wouldn’t literally pimp out her daughter for a meet-and-greet with John Legend… right? I should hope so. I’m sure Kim’s kids are used to their mum making a complete tit of herself for publicity either way. And hey – looks like she’s going to meet John Legend after all and Brielle won’t have to blow anyone for the privilege. Everyone’s happy.

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