Are You Ready For The ‘Get Out’ Challenge?


This blows the mannequin challenge out of the water.

Horror newcomer ‘Get Out’ has been absolutely killing it since its US release earlier this year, even managing to rack up a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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OK, so most of us reading this probably haven’t seen the movie yet (it’s UK release is 17th of this month) but our friends over in America have already managed to come up with a ‘Get Out’ challenge, based around a scene where one of the characters runs full force towards another before abruptly turning around and avoiding him.

So here’s the challenge – all you have to do is run as fast as possible towards whoever is filming you, then run right before you hit them. Some people nail it, some people… not so much:

I loved all of the stackers right at the end – it’s clearly a lot harder than it looks. So how about it – are you up for the ‘Get Out’ challenge? Why not give it a go to gear yourself up for actually seeing the movie. Not long to wait now.

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