Win an audience with legendary animator Ray Harryhausen.

So the guys at Don’t Panic Online hit us up again because they liked it when we featured their street art competition and thought that our readers might be interested in the latest competition that they’re running for any talented young animators out there. The grand prize they’re offering is for three animators to meet Ray Harryhausen at his home and then have their work shown at a ‘glittering’ Ray Harryhausen night at the Barbican next spring that will also include some leading animators talking about Ray Harryhausen and a screening of a new documentary about the guy.

No, I don’t know who Ray Harryhausen is either, but it turns out he’s probably the most revolutionary animator in the history of cinema so if you’re into animation and thinking about entering this competition chances are you will have heard of him. The competition is celebrating the release of his new book – Ray Harryhausen’s fantasy scrapbook. It turns out he’s inspired pretty much everyone big in the movie business now, from Steven Spielberg to Guillermo Del Toro. So it’s a pretty sweet prize, and you get a bunch of other stuff included in it as well like a signed copy of his book and a year’s free membership to the Barbican. It sounds like one of the sickest prizes ever if you’re into animation.

To enter, all you need to do is create a storyboard on the theme of monsters for a stop motion animation short that should last between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. That’s it. If you’re one of the three winners, you get a consultation with Ray Harryhausen about it and it will eventually get made and shown at his special event at the Barbican. There are a bunch more details about the competition over at Don’t Panic’s website so if you’re interested in entering head over there for all the details and then get storyboarding. It could happen to you.


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