Raw Vegan Student Defies Doctor’s Advice By Living On Bananas And Spinach

Raw vegan student

Too much of a good thing.

A student named Dane Nash has decided to take veganism to another level by going raw. So basically, he doesn’t eat any cooked food. Fun.

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Instead of choosing from a variety of fruit and vegetables, Nash has decided to keep things simple by mostly living off bananas. 150 per week to be exact.

80% of his calorie intake is from bananas, while the rest mostly comes from a daily 2lbs dose of spinach. He starts the day with a 12-banana smoothie before eating 10 more throughout the day. Although he’s been told by dieticians that he’s not getting the right nutrients, Nash reckons that his diet is all cool:

OK, so he raises a lot of good points there and doesn’t seem like some nutjob who has just taken on a diet that’s going to ruin him. Although the whole bit about “the doughnut debacle” was pretty freaking lame.

But yeah, it seems like it’s working for him. Apparently he started the diet two years ago after suffering from acne and it looks like that’s pretty much cleared up since going on the raw regime.

He supplements his diet with Vitamin B12 – found in most meat and dairy products – as well as a flaxseed and Vitamin D supplement to provide fatty acids and omegas.

Sounds like he’s got it all figured out. Only one problem – he’ll probably never, ever experience anything like these grilled cheese bacon doughnuts again. Health or cheese? It’s a tough one.


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