A Rare STI That Causes Your Genitals To Rot And Erupt Has Been Found In A Woman In The UK

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Another reason to practice safe sex.

As far as STIs go, it sounds as if we’re fairly lucky over here as we don’t have to deal with donovanosis over here too often, although sometimes it does rear its ugly head.

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In case you’re unfamiliar, donovanosis refers to a bacterial infection that is transmitted when someone has skin to skin contact with a bleeding, infected, foul smelling ulcer. The infection then proceeds to literally destroy the tissue in the genitals and cause them to literally rot and waste away.

Sounds absolutely rank right but somehow some woman in Southport, Merseyside was diagnosed with it last year. You would have thought that the bleeding, foul smelling ulcer on his dick might have been a warning sign to not engage in sexual contact but I suppose considering she’s from Southport she could quite easily have been paid to get involved with it. Grim.


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Anyway, here’s what Pharmacist Shamir Patel found out about the case:

Bacteria that cause the disease, known as klebsiella granulomatis, infect the skin around the genitals, groin or anal area and cause lesions and skin disintegration as the flesh effectively consumes itself.

Any delay could cause the flesh around the genitals to literally rot away.

Absolutely rank. Fortunately, it’s very rare in the UK and more common in equatorial countries. However, if you’re in the Southport area maybe make sure you wrap up or spend extra time making sure there are no bleeding and foul smelling ulcers on your partner’s private parts before going in. You’ve been warned.

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