Best New Tumblr Find: Rappers And Cereal

Ever wondered what rappers will buy into next? The people over at Cereal & Rappers have had a good guess.

Over the years we’ve seen rappers invest in a variety of different business ventures as a way of expanding their brands. From Dr Dre’s Beats Headphones to Jay Z’s part ownership of the Brooklyn Nets and 50 Cent’s endorsement of Vitamin Water, it seems no market is safe from these enterprising rhymers.

Surely the obvious next step is for the rappers to move into the gangster world that is cereal? Over at the Tumblr Rappers & Cereal, Brittany Meronek and Courtney Bishop have with the art of Photoshop shown us what it could look like.

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Jay Z Cereal

2Pac Cereal

Macklemore Cereal

Kanye Cereal

Method Man Cereal

Nicki Minaj Cereal

A$AP Rocky Cereal

2Chainz Cereal

Lil Wayne Cereal

Lupe Fiasco Cereal

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