Rapper White John Gets Into A Fight With A Predator Who Was Meeting A 14-Year-Old Girl, Ends Up Losing

How not to catch a predator.

Well, that’s embarrassing. You make a whole elaborate plan to catfish a paedophile in the middle of Walmart and sucker punch him while your buddies keep him distracted, and then end up getting beaten up by said paedophile and humiliated in front of everyone. Not great for the old street cred, especially when you’re already a rapper named White John.

I’m not too sure if they let the nonce go at the end there but it looked like they didn’t manage to beat him up and so switched to having a heart-to-heart instead? Hopefully not because obviously nothing negates the fact that this young man was there to meet a 14-year-old girl. Just pathetic all round, really. Chris Hansen wouldn’t have let him get away with it, that’s for sure.

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