Rapper ‘Lil Xan’ Says Tupac’s Music Was ‘Boring’

The state of this guy.

I don’t know much about Lil Xan, but I do know this – Tupac didn’t die so that this little spacker could call his music ‘boring’.

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Well it turns out Lil Xan is one of these new young emo rappers with face tattoos who rap about taking drugs that knock you out. Just like his mate Lil Peep who overdosed not long ago.

Xan’s biggest tune, ‘Betrayed’, has 140 million views on YouTube. WTF? Is it the lyrics?

And her pussy tastes like Skittles, what? 

Yeah, ayy, and you can really taste the rainbow, what? (hah, no)

Yo’ bitch just like a crayola (what, ayy)

You can draw her on the table, flip her like some yola

Heart shaped kisses, I really miss my mistress

666, evil bitches want my mentions

Heart shaped kisses, I really miss my mistress

And it’s 666, evil bitches want my mentions

Deep stuff. Really makes you think.

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Now obviously this guy is entitled to his opinion, but you’d think calling Tupac’s music “boring” is not really smart when you’re a young lad trying to endear yourself to the rap industry. Although clearly people are into his music since he’s got multiple videos with millions of views.

Rappers/hip hop fans aren’t happy with him anyway:

Here’s how Xan responded to the criticism:

No F’s given it seems. Can someone drive-by him too? Just kidding.

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