This Rainbow Burger Is An Absolutely Killer Tribute To Gene Wilder

Rainbow Bun BUrger

How the hell do they make that?

The world was shocked at the sudden passing of comedian Gene Wilder last week and thousands of tributes emerged to the great man who had made so many of us laugh over the years.

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Undoubtedly the best one has to be this rainbow burger though. It’s called the Beauregard Burger and it’s unfortunately only available at Bar Lucas’ three locations in Sydney until the end of next weekend, but if you’re over there then you probably want to check it out if you get a chance.

Take a look at it below and check out the ingredients too:

Yeah, I mean that does sound completely awesome even if I’m not really sure what popping cheese, wonka sauce or a rainbow bun is/tastes like. I would definitely give it a shot for $16 and the chance to pick up that golden ticket too. Just a shame they don’t tell you what you have a chance of winning either, but I suppose I could get over that if I actually ended up as the lucky punter getting one.

For more about the late great Gene Wilder, check out the clever condition that he agreed to play Willy Wonka under. Smart.


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