A Rail Passenger With A ‘Valid Ticket’ Had His Teeth Broken By The Cops (VIDEO)

They argued he was trying to dodge the fare.

If there’s one thing that pretty much everyone in this country can probably agree on it’s that the train services are pretty much universally terrible and pretty much universally overpriced – it’s ridiculous.

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So within those conditions, you can’t really blame someone for trying to get a discounted fare and are probably going to feel a lot of sympathy for someone who gets caught by the transport police for that offence, especially when they then proceed to get roughed up by them and have their teeth smashed in.

This was the situation one 39 year old man found himself in on the train at Bletchley in Milton Keynes on Monday. The video below starts with three members of the British Transport Police holding the man on the ground as he protests and insists that he has the right ticket, before they drag him off the train and smash his teeth in as everyone looks on distressed.

Take a look and see what you think below:

OK, obviously that’s pretty disturbing but I’m well aware that there are two sides to every story too. Here’s what the British Transport Police are saying about the incident – they’re arguing that the passenger produced a ticket that required a Gold Card and he failed to produce the Gold Card when asked for it. The conductor then says he became violent and insisted he didn’t need it and was being discriminated against by the train driver because of his appearance and that’s how things escalated.

Not really sure who to believe there, but the video footage is pretty damning, however the passenger had been acting. Can’t really go around beating people up like that. If you like at National Rail’s ticket guidelines though, they do say you have to carry your Gold Card with you at all times if you’re using a ticket that you bought with it.

Seems like both of them were being dicks in that case, but the cops have definitely come off worse thanks to that video footage. Will be interesting to see if anything happens to any of them because of it.

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