Racist American Tour Guide Unleashes Vicious Foul Mouthed Racist Rant During Chinatown Visit

Racist Tour Guide

Why the hell does the bus full of people start applauding her?

A San Francisco tour guide decided that as it was her last day at work, she may as well go out with a bang, so decided to embark on a length racist rant abusing literally everything possible about the Chinatown area they were driving through.

With what must of been years of resentment building up inside her, the guide – notice she has a bottle of booze in her hand #YOLO – then proceeds to tear into everything possible. No-one is safe in this absolute tongue lashing. Dragons, fake good, seafood markets and everything else Chinese-related that you can think of get drawn in, all in front of a bus full of tourists.

From the guide’s foul mouth:

Fuck your pre-schools and your little pre-schoolers making all that noise at six in the morning, fuck your salons, fuck your little herb gardens, fuck your seafood markets with your turtles and your frogs,’ she yells, pointing at shops as the bus drives past.

The whole thing’s topped off by the fact that for some bizarre reason all the tourists applaud her speech, although they probably have no idea what she is saying. Weird.


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