Qustodian sounds too good to be true. Well it isn’t.

My buddy Tom from Save Your Breath hit me up about Qustodian earlier this week and I’ve already made a pound off it doing next to nothing so I really think you’ve got to check it out too. Also featuring Qustodian on Sick Chirpse is guaranteed to make me a bit of money too, well that is providing you (yes YOU!) sign up to Qustodian using the link i’m going to embed at the bottom of this post. Seriously, you’ve got nothing to lose from signing up to Qustodian – in fact all you’re going to do is MAKE money. So let me explain the concept to you.

Qustodian is a bit like Groupon or O2 priority moments in that it sends you stuff that you might be interested in to your mobiles and then you can read it and choose whether to act on it. The difference with Qustodian though is that unlike Groupon or anything else it pays you cold hard cash to read the messages and watch the videos. Sure, Qustodian isn’t paying you big bucks or anything (it’s like 8p a message and 4p a video or something) but if you’re on the bus or train or sitting around bored or something you might as well spend a couple of minutes checking your Qustodian and earning some money, right? It all adds up. Tom from Save Your Breath told me he had earned £20 in the past two weeks just by checking his Qustodian every now and again. Not bad huh?

The real money though is in building up your own network of friends on Qustodian though, because every time one of your referrals reads a message you get 2p out of it. This isn’t taken out of THEIR earnings, it’s simply added to yours. So like imagine if you referred 10 people and they read 10 messages a day each? You would be making £2 for doing nothing. That’s like £60 a month for doing nothing. Apparently some kid in Spain – that’s where Qustodian was created – referred 70,000 people somehow and is now a millionaire. I think that’s what I’m trying to do with this blog post.

So yeah help me out, I mean you’ve got nothing to lose from signing up to Qustodian from my link because you have to sign up somehow. The only reason you wouldn’t sign up to Qustodian from my link would just be to spite me. And why would you want to do that?

Click here to sign up to Qustodian with my link. Safe.


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