Question Time Descends Into Chaos When Russell Brand And Nigel Farage Clash Over Immigration

Russell Brand Nigel Farage

Russell Brand basically gets absolutely told here by members of audience.

Question Time was always going to be interesting last night when it was revealed that Russell Brand would be going up against Nigel Farage.

It didn’t take long for the two to be at loggerheads over the immigration issue, with Brand doing his normal job of interrupting people whenever they speak and talking over them loudly to get his point across. He then finally got a taste of his own medicine though as the backlash against him continued when a member of the audience told him exactly what he thought of him and labelled him a coward for not actually standing for Parliament himself and instead just campaigning to raise awareness.

For once Brand didn’t have anything to say but he was helped out by some blue haired woman who waded into the debate with a couple of other audience members as the show descended into chaos briefly before order was restored. Several people have called it a posh version of the Jeremy Kyle show due to this incident and to be honest it was pretty reminiscent of that – just way way better.

Basically we all need to start watching it more often because when stuff like this goes down it’s better than pretty much everything else on TV at the moment. You can watch the 7 minute clip of the immigration debate below (it starts getting really good around 5 minutes) but I’ve enclosed the whole episode below that too because it really is worth watching.


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