The Queen Caught On Camera Giving Prince William A Bollocking In Front Of The World (VIDEO)

You gonna take that Wills?

A whole bunch of people with nothing better to do tuned in to watch Trooping the Colour last weekend, to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.

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Well one detail that was missed during the celebrations has just recently emerged on the internet.

While the Royal Family were on the balcony, the Queen was caught on camera apparently scolding William.

He was seated, and she had to ask him to get up off his arse and stand up like everyone else.

Watch below:

Can’t believe William sat there and took that to be honest. I mean what power does the Queen have over him anyway? It doesn’t matter about bloodlines or who’s next in line or anything like that. Prince William’s a cool dude with a smoking hot wife (NSFW) who everyone likes whereas the Queen has sweet F-all going for her. He should be the one scolding the Queen, not the other way around. Know your place Grandma.


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