The Queen Has Approved Boris Johnson’s Plan To Suspend Parliament

Oh boy.

We heard this morning that the government had asked the Queen to suspend Parliament from September 12th until October 14th in order to force a no deal Brexit through and it seems like it’s only taken until this afternoon for her to agree to it and set the ball in motion.

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Not really sure where this order came from, but it appeared on the internet about half an hour ago and seem to be legit and it looks like it’s going to happen, just like that.

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Wow. Of course, Jeremy Corbyn and a whole bunch of other politicians are requesting meetings with the Queen and there’s a petition going around that has a whole bunch of signatures on it to try and stop it from happening, but does anyone really expect any of this to actually do anything and stop it from happening given the last couple of years?

I don’t really think I do, but fair play to people for giving it a shot I suppose. At this point I think I’ve been ground down so far in all this relentless bullshit that I don’t even really care what happens. See you on the other side (maybe).

For more of the same, here’s Boris Johnson hanging from a zip line. Remember when we all thought he was cool?


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