Freaky Weird Purple House For Sale On Rightmove

Purple House Featured

This might look like a normal family house from the outside, but when you seriously won’t believe what it looks like on the inside.

If you stumbled across this house on and were looking for a house in Middlesex then you might think that it looked like it a pretty good deal. A relatively affordable 400K with most of the perks you could ask for – 4 bedrooms, a landscaped garden, recently fitted double glazing and gas fired central heating, all in a fairly central location in Uxbridge.

So what’s the catch? Well, there’s a pretty huge one and it’s that every single one of the rooms is completely and utterly purple for some reason. God only know why this is because it isn’t mentioned in the advert at all, and if you turned up for a viewing without looking at the photos then you would be very surprised indeed. Check out the pictures from the advert below and if anyone has any idea why the hell somebody has made the interior of their house completely purple then please let us know.

It’s also kind of weird that there’s a room that seems to be a dining room and a bedroom? That would be cool in a hipster open plan flat, but in a house like this it struck me as kind of strange.

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