Punk Rocker Decapitates Girlfriend And Commits Disgusting Sex Act While Wearing Her Dress

This whole story is one big nightmare.

A Russian punk rock musician has been declared insane after he cut off his girlfriend’s head and then had sex with it while wearing one of her dresses.

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Aleksandr U, 23, murdered 22-year-old Viktoria V in Voronezh, south-west Russia last July by stabbing her more than 53 times.

Police said that Aleksandr then “committed acts of a sexual nature” with her head.

Pic shows: Aleksandr U. A punk rock musician named pussy who cut off his girlfriend's head and used it to give himself a blow job while wearing one of her dresses has been declared insane. The shocking incident happened in the city of Voronezh, in Russiaís south-western Voronezh oblast where the 23-year-old Aleksandr U. murdered his girlfriend, 22-year-old Viktoria V., in July last year. Police who discovered the decapitated body of the young woman then also found that he had used the head to have sex. He apparently liked dressing up in women's clothes and masturbating, and when his friends in the punk band found out, they had thrown him out. It is believed that when his girlfriend discovered he was wearing her clothing and make up, she had also tried to throw him out and ended up being killed. He then used her head to give himself oral sex. His fellow band members from the punk rock group Easy riders confirmed that they had expelled him because of his habit of wearing female clothing The subeditor tried to talk to him about it, but he always managed to avoid the subject. After an investigation however instead of being prosecuted, he has been ruled mentally ill and detained in a psychiatric institute for an indefinite period. (ends)

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It transpired that Aleksandr had already been kicked out of his band ‘Easy Riders’ when bandmates discovered his cross-dressing fetish, though it’s possible they’d clocked onto the fact he was a bit of a lunatic too.

It’s believed Viktoria dumped him when she discovered he was a cross-dresser too, and his response was to murder her.

Police reported that Aleksanr was drunk and high on bath salts at the time.


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Well, who hasn’t thought about having sex with the decapitated head of an ex at one time or another, right? Totally normal behaviour. All I know is if there’s one way to guarantee you’re going to have a rough time of it in Russian prison, be a cross-dresser who murders young women. Although he’s been declared insane so I guess he avoids prison? I’m sure his arrest and subsequent interrogation were completely pain-free and by the book. It’s what Putin would want.

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