Pumpktris – Tetris In A Pumpkin


What’s the coolest thing you can do with a pumpkin? You probably weren’t thinking ‘set up a fully playable version of Tetris inside it that uses the stem as a controller were you? Welcome to Pumpktris.

So a couple of days ago we showed you some really cool carved pumpkins in a zombie pumpkin exhibit in New York City (which is hopefully still there after the shit that is going down with Hurricane Sandy over there) and I’m sure everyone who bothered to read the article had the same reaction and it was something along the lines of ‘wow, those zombie pumpkins are fvcking dope, I don’t think that I’ll ever see anything as cool as that related to pumpkins ever again.’ Well, everyone here at Sick Chirpse thought exactly the same as you but then we didn’t expect to see a pumpkin that had been rigged up so you could play Tetris on it today, as I’m sure you didn’t. Looks like it may have surpassed those zombie pumpkins.

Yeah, that’s right a pumpkin version of Tetris. Looks like it may have surpassed those zombie pumpkins. The dude who made it, who I think is called Nathan Pryor judging by his YouTube account, has carved an 8 X 24 grid on a pumpkin and set up an LED system behind it to perfectly replicate Tetris. Ok, it’s not a perfect replication like some pedantic twat pointed out in the comments seciton on YouTube because Tetris runs with a 10 X 10 grid, but it’s not a bad effort really is it? I guess making it 8 across makes it a little harder but then making it longer might compensate for that, I can’t really tell until I’ve played it myself. It’s a cool idea though and looks pretty sick, and the spooky Tetris music just adds to the whole Halloween vibe of the video.

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The best part about it is that you use the stem of the pumpkin to control the block in Tetris. Pushing it forward or backwards rotates the block and moving it left or right moves the block left or right as you struggle to get it into position before it slams in somewhere you don’t want it to be. The worst thing about it though is almost definitely the name: Pumpktris?! WTF is that about? I guess Tetkin isn’t much better but something like Halloween Tetris might have been better, even though it’s a bit of a mouthful huh? Still, there’s no denying that it’s a pretty awesome innovation and a really cool Halloween invention. If this dude has any sense he’ll try and get them to mass market for next Halloween.

If you want to check out a really long technical explanation of how it was made then check out Nathan Pryor’s blog, but be warned it is pretty long and technical and I got bored after about one sentence, although there are some pretty nice pictures. Otherwise just check out this video of Pumpktris in action, and be jealous that you aren’t this good at carving pumpkins/electronics/life:

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