Pulp Fiction Remix

Pulp Fiction Remix

Pulp Fiction Remix to end all Pulp Fiction Remixes.

Pulp Fiction Remix

Pulp Fiction is an awesome film, I mean, who doesn’t like Pulp Fiction? How about the soundtrack to Pulp Fiction – again, pretty amazing.

The first full length cassette that I ever bought was the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. I remember coming home and putting it on my Dad’s old school Sony stereo system to be greeted by the Track 01 pounding through the rest house at full volume, you know, the one that goes ‘EVERYBODY BE COOL THIS IS A ROBBERY. ANY OF YOU Pulp FictionFUCKIN’ PRICKS MOVE I’LL EXECUTE EVERY MOTHER FUCKIN’ LAST ONE OF YOU!’. I think my Grandma was in the house at the time. Anyway, enough bumming Pulp Fiction and onto this Pulp Fiction remix that I’ve just creamed my pants over. You know when you first listen to a song and about 1/3 of the way through all your thoughts suddenly come as one and focus on the music as you just think to yourself ‘Wow, this is a fvcking amazing song’. Well that’s exactly what I did when I first heard this Pulp Fiction remix. There have been a few Pulp Fiction remixes pop up over the interwebs since ever Tom, Dick and Skrillex bought a two octave midi controller and downloaded a cracked copy of Reason, but this one, this one ladies and gentlemen, this is the Pulp Fiction remix to end all Pulp Fiction remixes. Heck I’d even go as far as to say this is the best thing I’ve heard all year.

Just appreciate the amount of pain staking time and effect that must have gone into this to make it the finished product that it is. And it’s not even just the music, there’s a full chopped and sliced music video (with sometimes two videos running side by side) to give orgasms to your eyes while your ears bathe in a sea of perfectly stitched together sounds. Enjoy.

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Pulp Fiction Remix made and edited by Pogo, go and show him some love on Twitter.Pulp fiction remix, pulp fiction, remix


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