This Pulled Pork Burger With Mac And Cheese Bun Looks Absolutely Insane

How much is too much?

The burger game has seriously upped itself in the last few years, with every creation that gets released seeming to outdo the last.

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The latest attempt at this is called the Mac Daddy Beef Meats Pulled Pork and is available from Eastway Brasserie in London. As you can see from the picture above and can probably tell from its name, the dish features your regular burger, only it’s topped with pulled pork (another new favourite) in a bun made out of macaroni and cheese. Also looks like it has all the regular trimmings like cheese, lettuce etc. too. But the question is, is this too far for the burger game?

Take another look:

Mac Daddy Meats Pulled Pork

Mmmmm. I mean it looks great but you’re probably going to put on a couple of pounds if you manage to eat it all – including the fries that it comes with as well of course. Up to you I suppose – it certainly looks delicious.

The burger is only going to be available for a limited time from August 21st to 25th and will set you back £18. If you visit on National Burger Day though (August 24th), there’s a 20% discount meaning it only sets you back £14.40, so you might want to book a table for that date.

For more outrageous burgers, check out the cheesebomb burger. Possibly too far yet again – but is there ever really such thing as “too far” in this game?


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