Psycho Girlfriend Holds Knife To Boyfriend’s Throat And Forces Him To Apologise For Instagram Flirting (VIDEO)

Just your average relationship problem.

The video below appears to show some crazy girl forcing her boyfriend at knife-point to make a public apology for flirting with other girls on Instagram.

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The young man, understandably shitting his pants, apologises in front of the camera and lives to see another day.

Watch below:

I was 50/50 on whether this was staged or not as there’s so many fake videos floating around the Internet these days. But when you listen to this kid’s voice, all you can hear is fear. Pure unadulterated fear. He genuinely believes this girl’s about to slice his throat open on camera for talking to other girls on Instagram. The only worry is whether this video will make things worse? All the Instagram girls he’s been talking to might want to save him from his crazy girlfriend and end up digging his grave for him. Quite a pickle he finds himself in.

If I was him I’d wait till she went for a kip and then just pack my things and leave, never to return. We all saw what this girl was capable of after she decided her boyfriend was spending too much time on Facebook.


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