9-Year-Old Opens His PS4 Box On Christmas Day To The Worst Surprise Ever

Here’s how you ruin Christmas forever.

As a 9-year-old, I’m not sure there’s any better gift you can find under the Christmas tree than a brand new games console — and these days only a PS4 or Xbox One will do.

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This one little boy’s stepmother shared a message on Facebook alongside a photo of the boy’s dad, Brian Lundy, revealing what their son found inside his PS4 box. They’d purchased it from a Target store in Saugus, California:



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Yep, that’s a chunk of wood, around the same size as a PS4. It also has a cock and balls drawn onto it (nice touch), with a message that reads “From Cock and Balls with Love”.

Apparently this happened to a few other families as well, though no word yet as to how. Could it be Target employees taking the PS4s for themselves and replacing them with wooden replicas?

Whatever the case, I’d be super wound up if I was the dad. At the same time though, there’s something funny about whoever did it drawing a cock and balls on the wood instead of just leaving nothing on there. Just rubbing salt into a 9-year-old kid’s wounds and ruining Christmas forever.

Still, rather a chunk of wood than the gifts these kids got.


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