Protesters Will Hand Out Free Joints To Help People Deal With Trump’s Inauguration

It’s the only way to get through it.

Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States is set for January 20th, and I imagine that the very thought of it is likely to fill many people reading this with dread.

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It might be a hell of a lot easier if you’re sitting through it completely baked though. And that’s the plan for the pro-marijuana group DCMJ who are planning on handing out 4200 free pre-rolled joints at Trump’s inauguration in Washington D.C.

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The plan is that unless Trump announces that he’s going to legalise marijuana across the whole country in the first four minutes of his speech, then everyone is going to light up together on the 20th second of the fourth minute of it. 4/20 y’all.


The group’s founder says that this is all in the spirit of Donald Trump himself – whilst he admits that he doesn’t really want to participate in a ‘smokedown’, he doesn’t really have any choice when established politicians are ignoring the group and the public’s demands for marijuana legalisation. Gotta take the bull by the horns, or some other such phrase that Trump would use.

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Whether or not this actually happens of course is anybody’s guess. It sounds like a great idea, but there are a couple of problems that might get in the way of it actually going down. Although smoking weed is now legal in DC, it’s still illegal to smoke it outside and it’s even more illegal to smoke it on federal land. As such, anyone looking to participate might be getting arrested by the cops, but hey, what could be a better start to Trump’s reign right? Watch this space on January 20th.

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