You Can Now Buy Prosecco Flavoured Nail Varnish

Prosecco nail polish 2


Everyone out there loves drinking Prosecco, and now you can get that delicious flavour in your mouth even when you’re not drinking it thanks to a new nail varnish that is hitting the streets pretty soon.

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The basic premise of the imaginatively named ‘Prosecco Polish’ is exactly what you would expect it to be. You paint your nails with this nail varnish, then give them a lick every now and again to get that cool refreshing taste in your mouth.

Probably perfect for those long days at the office when you’re convincing yourself that you’re not actually an alcoholic. Unfortunately though, you almost certainly are if you’re desperately licking your fingers for a taste of the good stuff, or at least a Prosecco addict.

Here’s a promo video, which we’ve heard is actually 100% real after being assured by the guys over at Groupon who are making it:

Wow, what an absolutely terrible promo video. This kind of thing could probably sell pretty well – even if only used as a novelty birthday item – but with a promo like that I doubt it’s going to be super successful. It’s almost bordering on being fake news but Groupon seem adamant that it’s actually real. If you’re going on a hen party any time soon, get involved. Or better yet, Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

For more Prosecco, check out this new hybrid of Prosecco and Pinot Grigio. Only available at ASDA, naturally.


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